Ravi was clearly thrilled to see how much pleasure he was giving me. He only had eyes for his ripe and sexy mother. P leased to see how much I relished his fucking, my son delayed his climax for a long time. Since getting an abortion was easy during the first year of our relationship, I enjoyed the thrill of being occasionally impregnated by my son. But we also caution all of you to make sure that the pleasures of family love never turn into sexual abuse. It is especially at times like this that my son and I pity those folks who make such a big fuss about incest. Even when he occasionally mounted me, he finished quickly before rolling off to sleep. The only thing that really bothered me was the lack of sexual satisfaction.

Best loving sex story wife

Incest is definitely not for people like that stupid Austrian father who imprisoned his daughter in a dungeon for many years, or for many others like him who hog the headlines by being stupid about sex within the family. Although we have our regular routine of day- to- day living like everyone else, we spend a lot of quality time being physically intimate - kissing, petting and caressing each other eagerly any time we get a little bit of privacy. Needless to say, our lovemaking and fucking was even more passionate than usual that morning! Doubling up and spreading my plump thighs wide apart, Ravi stared at my cunt in wonder. Ravi is attentive to all my needs and very protective of me. A man should reward his woman with delicious sperm when she sucks him as ovingly as you sucked me off Moving his hips with practiced ease, Ravi worked his ten inch cock deep inside me, making sure his cockhead nudged my womb with every thrust. Although my son first took me to his bed nearly two years ago, we still make love with the hunger and enthusiasm of newlyweds. Both of them are keen to have at least three kids each from their brother by the time they reach their mid- thirties. In fact, Ravi was unaware of the interested glances cast his way by other women at the coffee shop where we were meeting. My son smiled at me fondly through dazed eyes. I was so happy when Kavita and Sudha made my dream come true by marrying me in secret. Only intelligent people with an informed knowledge of sexual pleasure can enjoy its benefits fully - like my son and I do so often. At other times, his strokes were faster and and more intense, making his sister cry out joyfully, her heels digging into his buttocks as she spasmed in ecstasy. I love smelling your soiled panties because they retain the heady perfume of your musky, mature cunt for a long time. We believe that close relatives should be able to enjoy the pleasures of sex without any fear or misgivings, as long they take the right precautions and do not abuse their privileges. My mind was a whirl of emotions, and my cunt was wet with a need that my clever fingers could no longer satisfy. I wish I could actually smell and lick her pussy. Wolfe An attractive woman in her late forties, Nirmala R. The horny bitch, I thought, my heart thumping loudly. His father had lost interest in doing so many years ago and I was tired of seeking relief with masturbation. My three children were getting along nicely. My boring husband will have a heart attack if he knows that his respectful and obedient son is a well- hung stud who gets full cooperation and encouragement from his horny mother and his two sisters when he undresses them for a hot and loving fuck- session. Mummy will be milking you often darling! I was also surprised and excited by what my daughter said.

Best loving sex story wife

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Best loving sex story wife

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