After I finished we went upstairs, not another word was spoken ever about that night. Bill started to say I knew it I knew it I knew he was a faggot. Tom got out of the cart and lifted her Mimi shirt and stated to fuck her. I got onto my knees and said a pray that no one could see me. The place was dimly lite but very clean.

Caught his daughter having sex

The 2nd guy opened the shutters on my side, thank god the other side was closed. However what happened next wasn't. At this point I didn't care I was begging the guy to fill my ass with cum and get someone else in here. Besides he's my son in law and I can fuck him anytime I want" he was getting high fives from all the guys around him. I got onto my knees and said a pray that no one could see me. I did and then he put all his weight on me and said its my turn to get a piece of that ass, he then proceeded to fuck the living shit out of me, it was like he was so pissed off that he was taking out on my ass. After I finished we went upstairs, not another word was spoken ever about that night. As soon as the first guy left the room another guy comes in, and tells me to suck. As I continues to suck the 1st guy, number 2 placed the bench near me and asked the 1st guy "may I ". Just read and you will see the pleasures that unfold After they came I got my close together and Tom put his arm around me and led me to the car. I put my money in and started flipping through the channels, one was super hot. It had on the wall what looked like shutters, I looked and the shutters went back to back like connecting doors at a hotel. We pulsed into the condo parking lot, thanks when he finally spoke. I being still a newlywed and with my father in law there, I did nothing but cheer him on. He returned in a few mins with bill and john! And she did that, we were all getting hot. New to the Game Keith has an encounter with a seemingly straight latino man. Now Tom is a trucker for a local company, very big guy , drives the truck loads and unloads it. I went to the both area, and found a large booth with a bench and a chair in it. I was in fucking heat and came myself. I was very good friends with my father in law Tom, I knew him a long time and I was like a son to him and he like a father to me. When we went away together or in a group of just guys we had no problem walking around naked. Within a minute, I felt a hand rub my head and another stranger came in The first guy said sure. The rest of the day was great. I was a little embarrassed but it's the vegas rule.

Caught his daughter having sex

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Part 2 father catches his cousin having sex with his teenage daughter

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Caught his daughter having sex

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