You will be shocked by how hard and how much these slaves and naughty women can take in these horrifically horny-making e-stim fetish videos - not like that have a chance since they are intricately roped and gagged in intense lesbian BDSM and rope bondage! If you have been looking for e-stim videos, then your search has officially ended. My suggestion would be to buy a shorter prong that is a little more blunt. If you love jerking off to girls who love pain and get off on abuse and a lack of control, then you need to get into some hot electro-sex action. If not let us know and we will see what we can do. I love being a sinner with you, and knowing I am about to feel that devilish cock inside my tight, pink hole is driving me wild. They have been designed for use on dogs not humans. Anyway, I'm digressing here, but I like electrical play and still really enjoy my basic shock collar.

Electric shock sex fetish pictures

If you think the electricity tortures are as amateur as the soon to be converted girls, you have another thing coming. I've even hooked them up to a modified butt plug resulting in dual stimulation of the neck and ass. I say not directly, because one time some indirect injury occurred. That combination can really get a pony moving! From the more general BDSM videos and bondage videos to the more specific such as foot fetish videos , femdom videos , and even as specific as videos based around a particular sextoy such as strapon videos , or a particular habit like smoking fetish videos , even down to the action like spanking videos and slave training videos. Trying not to overreact to the shocks and attract attention, especially while in public, is a major undertaking. When shock collars are used in ponyplay they are nearly always dog training collars used on humans. The fence type collars can be effective when set up properly, but their use is fairly limited. Before I ever put a collar on one of my dogs, I tried it out on myself. In this case, the intensity and duration of the shock can be adjusted by the trainer. The shocking unit of a training collar can be removed from the usually nylon collar it comes with and mounted on the collar of your choosing I prefer using a leather collar. This might not be the most elegant solution, but it is effective: Another view of the easily made lockable leather shock collar. These whores love it when it hurts, so not only do they like getting their pussies shocked, they like getting fucked hard with strap-ons afterwards. Me wearing the collar pictured in the first two photos. FetishBox - Is a fetish tube site we started as fetish connoisseurs because we wanted to watch free fetish videos online instantly. However, this type of collar can be modified to be more sensitive and essentially prohibit any talking though this does require some tinkering and a pony willing or at least able to be "forced" to get shocked until any kinks are worked out with the modifications to the electronics. Note the muscle contractions that occur while I'm being shocked. The result, a lockable leather shock collar. Anyway, I'm digressing here, but I like electrical play and still really enjoy my basic shock collar. Suddenly she pressed the remote to send the shock signal. It also works great at play parties where, with a little training, you can have him amaze others by having him do things for you without even asking … just a few short buzzes and voila, he does your unspoken bidding! The stock bark collar is very difficult to activate when worn by a human - even when yelling. I was also blindfolded so that I could not see or anticipate what was being used on me. My bottom and genitals were completely exposed and vulnerable.

Electric shock sex fetish pictures

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Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Electro Sex Kit

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Electric shock sex fetish pictures

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