Production[ edit ] Wirkola got the idea to create a film based on the adult lives of Hansel and Gretel in while at film school in Australia. Have seen a couple of entertaining flicks on one of the premium movie channels up here. Over the course of the next hour movie time the teens are chased and caught and chased and caught etc. Pihla Viitala as Mina, a beautiful white witch who befriends Hansel and Gretel. The scene where Berringer and his goons assault Gretel is also extended; it occurs in between the scene where Mina heals Hansel and has sex with him, and shows that the men plan to rape Gretel right before Edward kills them.

Gemma arterton alice creed sex scene

They burn Muriel's body on a pyre and collect their reward for rescuing the children. At World's End created the film score. During the credits, Hansel and Gretel are able to slay a Desert Witch. If you like well-done WWII movies with nudity and a couple of decent interrogation scenes thrown in for good measure you'll enjoy Les femmes de l'ombre -the original French title that translates to something like "Women of the Shadows" which would have made a much better English title. We wanted to try to avoid the classical witch with the long nose stirring the pot. She's quite full on. As an occult researcher, She had spent the previous summer there with her son, writing her "thesis. Too gory and it just takes you out of it. Modern technology but in an old style. To get rid of Adrianna, Muriel revealed to the townspeople that Adrianna was a witch. In the tool shed, she removed his pants, grabbed his penis, and mounted him. In the beginning, they said go crazy. The project was filmed in Germany and featured an international cast and crew. Afterwards, as she begged: They were all on wires , it was awesome! Development[ edit ] Blood and gore and action, all the stuff that I love There's a scene [where] I come down around and literally there's 60 witches there. They are parachuted back into France to retrieve an English geologist who was secretly scouting the Normandy beaches prior to D-Day. Gretel is rescued by Ben, a local teenager who is a fan of theirs and plans to be a witch hunter himself. Stephanie Corneliussen as Desert Witch uncredited , a witch with sand-based abilities. But I think it's a flawed process, I really do. They did the Hellboy movies and I just loved it. Nasty, mean witches, and we'll get some great actresses for them as well. It's definitely an R-rated movie, the first draft has a lot of blood and guts. You kind of throw in all those, mix 'em up in a pot and that's what you get.

Gemma arterton alice creed sex scene

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Gemma arterton alice creed sex scene

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