The recording is about 12 seconds long and captured a total of 10 gunshots. He said Wilson fired in self-defense, and did not appear to be shooting to kill at first. She said she was afraid of the "neighborhood backlash" that might come from her testimony, and feared offering an account contrary to the narrative reported by the media that Brown held his hands up in surrender. Wilson heard the description of the suspects and soon after observed two black males walking down the middle of the street. And that has a huge relevance on how this case might finally end up. Wilson followed him, yelling for him to stop and get on the ground, but he kept running. Several of the witnesses admitted changing their testimony to fit released evidence, or other witness statements. Brown's hands were then down at his sides.

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He said Wilson fired in self-defense, and did not appear to be shooting to kill at first. Louis , said eyewitness testimony often differs from witness to witness, a phenomenon commonly known as the Rashomon effect. Wilson exited the vehicle, and fired several rounds at the fleeing Brown, hitting him once in the back. In media interviews, Johnson said Wilson pulled up beside them and said, "Get the f— on the sidewalk. Their investigation was slowed due to safety concerns regarding the sound of gunfire in the area and some hostile members of the crowd encroaching on the crime scene. The gunshots begin after the first four seconds. According to the witness, "crowds of people had begun to gather, wrongly claiming the police shot Brown for no reason and that he had his hands up in surrender". Charles West High School ; [22] in November , while he was a student there, his mother died of natural causes. At noon on August 9, Wilson drove up to Brown and Johnson as they were walking in the middle of Canfield Drive and ordered them to move off the street. Thirty-one seconds later, a supervisor was requested by Unit Then Witness heard a gunshot and Brown took off running. Wilson said he "felt like a 5-year-old holding onto Hulk Hogan " while he attempted to restrain Brown when he reached through his police car window. McCulloch was the main focus of much of the criticism throughout the process and well into its aftermath. That analysis found the sound of ten gunshots and seven gunshot echoes within seven seconds, with a three-second pause after the sixth shot. Johnson said he never saw Brown hit Wilson and did not think Brown grabbed for Wilson's gun, but that a shot was fired. An investigator from the St. The suspect was reported as having stolen a box of Swisher cigars. Wilson fired his gun only as Brown charged at him, backing up as Brown came toward him. Brown's body was removed at 4: Louis Cardinals hat, a white T-shirt, yellow socks, and khaki shorts, and that he was accompanied by another male. According to Judy Melinek, a San Francisco pathologist who commented on the case as an expert, the official autopsy, which said Brown's hand had foreign matter consistent with a gun discharge on it, supported Wilson's testimony that Brown was reaching for the weapon, [79] or indicated the gun was inches away from Brown's hand when it went off. Wilson placed his left hand against Brown's hand and his other hand on the gun and pushed forward with both his arms. She said she was just passing along information which her boyfriend told her he saw. Wilson said he had just left a call involving a sick person when he heard on his radio that there was a theft in progress at a local convenience store. Attorney Raul Reyes characterized McCulloch as not being impartial, as his father was a police officer killed in an incident with a black suspect and other members of his family served with the St. Two black women approached Witness , mobile phones set to record, asking him to recount what he had witnessed.

Mo missouri sex offender list

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Mo missouri sex offender list

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