For the first minute it hurt But then it started to feel good.. We were celebrating our 1 year anniversary. We talked about having sex wen we first met and he said that whenever I was ready that he would be very careful and try not to hurt me. It was with my current boyfriend, Josh. I need help I dont know if I should give it up now or just wait a while longer and just let it happen wen it happens. I dont, nor will I ever, regret choosing to give him my virginity.

My first time sex videos

Then we just laid together cooling off it was hot and we were sweaty. It hurt so bad when he put it in.. For me, it was perfect. He looked into my eyes and kissed me. But now that I really think about it nobody liked him with her they all said me and him should be together even his own mom and sister said that. Neo Well mu first time was with my boyfriend Crystal i was a virgin that time,he called me to his parents house and he told me he want to have sex i was suprised then i said yes then he kissed me n i enjoyed it n he knew i was a virgin he was gentle n he put it in…it hurts so much then in few minetes i started to enjoy we lasted 30min in bed it was sooo amazing My name is unimportant Well my story was from a week ago actually. After a strange halloween makeout session our senior year he had a girlfriend and we were both very drunk we stopped hanging out. It was the perfect time.. He started sliding in and every bit of it was breathtaking, it was this incredible full feeling. He went in and out a few more times and then pulled out because he was coming just an extra safety measure. Dgirl My first time was…okay. It honestly wasn't Bad at all. We were celebrating our 1 year anniversary. We started off just making out and he was on top of me and then he took his shirt off then I took my dress off then he took his shorts off and eventually we were both naked it wasnt the first time we had been together naked though, we had done everything already except vaginal sex and between each piece of clothing we were kissing each other. Once he was in all the way we just stayed there for a second, he didnt want to hurt me. I cherish my virginity with all I have and he knows I do. I am going to tell her about all the things that happened between he and I all the messages and so on. So thats my story. I dont, nor will I ever, regret choosing to give him my virginity. He pulled out, to switch positions, But after that, he couldn't he get back in.: Its here forever u kno! After kissing for a while, he gave me oral and I came and then he came back up and we kissed more and just grinded against each other and he came. We loinist our virginity a mounth in and surprisingly with a lot of foreplay, some maroon 5, and a few candels we made love. I had started dating him first we were on an off relationship but I want him back now. We hit it off and after a few awkward dates he asked me to be his girlfriend. My leg was draped over his. I paused for a second, getting up my courage, and then I told him I was ready.

My first time sex videos

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My first time sex videos

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