Like other recent gay filmmakers, Stephens aims to outdo John Waters, but without any hint of the cult-cinema master's anarchic, transgressive genius. Nico tries to secure an online date with a man named Ryder Matthew Rush , but ends up with the grandfather George Marcy of their lesbian friend Muffler. Andy, having failed to seduce his long-time crush, his math teacher, Mr. It's basically a long close-up of Violet's Natasha Lyonne face as she experiments with her older cousin's "boyfriend. She doesn't, but her dog keeps accidentally turning it on.

Not another gay movie sex scene

Jarod seeks out fellow jocks, including a baseball pitcher named Beau James Getzlaff , while Griff tries to earn the affection of Angel Darryl Stephens , a male stripper ; Jarod and Griff leave these men to have sex with each other instead, because they are in love. Heigl's type-A news producer puts on a pair of remote-controlled panties for a date. Send comments to letters metrotimes. You know exactly what's going on, even though the vintage white toy this is a coming-of-age comedy about the '70s, after all doesn't make an appearance until a sated Violet clutches it reverently to her heart. The partiers decide to make things more interesting by having a contest in which the guy who manages to have the most sex over the course of the week is the big winner. Each boy proceeds to pursue sex in different ways, with both tragic and comedic results. As a gift for pretending to have sex with him, Olive's closeted gay friend Brandon presents her with a special thank you: He can't find the switch, and just as he turns it on and says, "What's that? The MPAA would've had a field day with this one: Michael Hastings writes about film for Metro Times. Unfortunately for Janey, everyone from her father, little brother, grandparents, parish priest, and the elementary-school kids she volunteers with wants to wish her a happy day -- right as she's trying for her own happy ending. She doesn't, but her dog keeps accidentally turning it on. Jarod Jonathan Chase is a handsome and fit jock who is quite insecure. But when her boss and jerk of an anchor Gerard Butler forces her to attend a business dinner, she ends up at a restaurant where a kid finds the shiny remote and unwittingly triggers a "When Harry Met Sally"-like "Yes, yes, yes! When the electricity goes out during a Buckman family dinner at single mom Helen's Dianne Wiest house, her brother Steve Martin offers to fetch the flashlight from her bedroom. Puckov Graham Norton , has a threesome with the rejected Beau and Angel. Andy, having failed to seduce his long-time crush, his math teacher, Mr. Plot[ edit ] The story centers around four gay friends who have recently graduated from San Torum High School. The four of them decide to make a pact to have sex by the end of the summer. While the topic isn't exactly common, there are plenty of mainstream comedies that include some memorably good vibrations. But damn it if they aren't determined to try anything for a lame laugh or two. The occasional Mommie Dearest-quoting drag queen or golden-shower sequence doesn't mean you're pushing any envelope other than your own, and the just-short-of-hardcore sex scenes that pepper the film are more leering than funny. Stephens and his often buck-naked cast attempt to ratchet up the outrageous factor to absurd proportions, so much so that even the shock wears off after about 10 minutes. However, Griff and Jarod are now a couple and are trying to remain faithful to one another, Andy meets handsome Luis Euriamis Losada and is too smitten to feel comfortable playing the field, and Nico is too effeminate to appeal to the buff beach boys who've overrun the city. Naturally, the revolutionary treatment is so popular with upper-crust Victorian ladies that the poor young doc develops repetitive stress, leaving him unable to perform his professional duties until his inventor pal Rupert Everett develops an electric stimulator that does the job much more efficiently. If the sound effects from the improvised dildo in the first scene weren't enough, then just wait for the punch line to the penis-pump-gone-awry joke.

Not another gay movie sex scene

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Not another gay movie sex scene

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