We also argued that singling out a person living with HIV for this kind of extraordinary treatment under the law violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. Online court and prison records show Spoor is awaiting trial on the same charge in Marshall County and has been convicted of the same offence in Kosciusko County. Police say that Spoor told the woman that his name was Ray Hildeman. We likely will be able to report on the key findings from their survey in our next PJP Update, so stay tuned. Members reached agreement on outreach strategies for new allies and membership and set a timeline for key steps in their advocacy plan. Peterson said there is a need for specific deterrence in this case.

Ohio hiv law unprotected sex

The victim then contacted the Kosciusko County sheriff and made a report. They then encountered each other again on a dating website, according to court documents. This prosecution and the law is not about punishing a person who is HIV positive, Peterson said. In court documents, prosecutors alleged Spoor knew he was HIV-positive since The bill, unfortunately, was used as ammunition against its Republican sponsors, including former Sen. He is also facing the same charges in Marshall and Allen County, too. He was known to have accessed dating websites, and the Sault Ste. Leo, a longtime social worker who has worked with clients living with HIV, is blunt about the three bills: Friday, January 20 at 1: The woman said they had about 10 dates between April 27, and May 11, and allegedly had unprotected sex five to six times. She went to Planned Parenthood to check her health. Spoor signed a document on Jan. Spoor, 37, made contact with his victims on dating websites, although he met one in late or early through a mutual friend. Along with Marshall and Allen counties, Spoor was charged this year and in for similar crimes in Kosciusko and Wabash counties. It also has begun to educate key stakeholders about HIV criminalization and efforts underway to modernize Indiana laws. Currently you have to ask for a test. They dated for three months and had unprotected sex at his residence in Fort Wayne and at her home in Wabash, she said. Published in the South Bend Tribune on March 14, Orlando Batista was indicted for felonious assault in July , for allegedly engaging in sexual conduct with his girlfriend without first disclosing his HIV status to her. He plead guilty to all three counts. The plea agreement calls for Spoor to be sentenced to one year on each of three counts of malicious mischief, to be served consecutively, for a total of three years. The offences occurred between July and April March 21, Three bills in the Texas statehouse would use HIV status as a weapon, one would lessen stigma. Rodney Ellis makes HIV testing a routine part of medical tests while letting the patient opt out. Then she broke up with him when he told her that his ex-wife had moved in with him, according to court documents. A second woman contacted Indiana State Police in Bremen saying her ex-boyfriend, Spoor, had been arrested on a charge of malicious mischief. Enter SB by Sen.

Ohio hiv law unprotected sex

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Woman with HIV, accused of unprotected sex, appears in court

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Ohio hiv law unprotected sex

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