I remember when I was in Mexico a lot of the kids in my school were able to go to this private school because their mother was selling Avon. I had this conviction. Or I didn't earn my own money. It would have never been the "Frida" I was seeing, until Julie came along. It's a lot more than that. So I came to the United States, knowing no one. And then they train them to help other mothers to make their kids healthy and be HIV-negative and survive, because even after they're born they can become HIV-positive, and they train them and they give them a job. I pay my own bills.

Salma hayek in sex scenes

I don't like shopping. And Lucy Orozco, a Mexican producer, discovered me and she gave me the lead on a telenovela called "Teresa. And most recently, because of my relationship with them, I asked them to help me help the Mexican people after the earthquake last September. She really is too young, and maybe she's afraid. So I had a romantic idea about this company. And he said, "No, you're gonna take an acting class on the side, LAUGHS and then you continue --" I said, "I've been doing that already, but it's just the college, it's really taking so much of my time. And yeah, it is hard to decide how can you help the most. And I was already working with domestic violence, so I said, "I'd love to do it, but if you become my partner in the cause of domestic violence. When I did the movie "Savages," the best part of doing that movie was my relationship with Blake Lively. But I have to say, the camaraderie between the actresses, in my experience, I got to meet amazing women through this line of work. And this is why my company is doing so well. It was okay to speak out and for the first time we came together. I was the first person they used. We go to places where there's no electricity, so these people cannot even get the medication because even if there's a little clinic, it has no electricity. It's now the trend. Like, I don't wanna go into some land where I don't know where I'm standing or what's the value of things. I actually maybe could have gotten it off the ground in different reincarnations before, even before Miramax, but I had a specific reason of the exact movie I wanted. It was not my idea, but it's very interesting how they were really rooting for them to understand the most important thing in their life with the family. It was a crazy idea, to train the prostitutes to educate men about using the condoms. This happened to me. It's okay if you cannot do it. Ashley's been my friend forever. How can I forget? But that came quite fast and easy. Salma, the answer is yes. And from there they gave me the lead role.

Salma hayek in sex scenes

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Salma hayek in sex scenes

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    And my boyfriend at the time walked in and he said, "You cannot torture yourself so much with this movie. I think that it's a beautiful time for a man, because it gives men an opportunity to redefine who they want to be without the fear and the pressure, also, that even the peer pressure of being like, "You have to be this way.


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