It was obvious that he had a rather large paunch hidden under the flowery shirt. Cliff had a little short stubby cock, which looked even shorter because of the size of his belly. I have found that most of the RV travelers are a friendly lot, so I attached little significance to this greeting. However, nothing in the conversation led me to believe that they were interested in any sexual diversions. As the fast dance ended and she moved into his arms I could see his huge bulge pressing tightly against her and saw her moving against it. The sight of the huge tangle of blond pubic hair now transfixed me; she was obviously a natural blond.

Sex in a motor home

Cliff and Sarah shed their robes and then Sarah had me stand as she pulled my shorts down. Now that we were all on the bed, Sarah turned her attention to her husbands cock. Up to now, the talk had remained very innocent and not sexually suggestive at all. It had been a long day of driving. I put on a clean pair of shorts and a t-shirt advertising our last stop, slipped on my sandals and was ready for a stroll while dinner was cooking. I heard Cliff moaning and realized that Sarah's climax had also caused her to suck his cock to climax. She squeezed the base of my cock and the veins of my prick stood out. She pulled me up on top of her and rammed her pussy against my cock. He wore a flowery Hawaiian shirt, and khaki pants. I returned the gesture. After getting cleaned up I felt refreshed and renewed. As I stepped out the door my eyes made contact with the couple in the spot across from us. Sarah sat up again but now her robe was open at the top forming a suggestive V that accentuated what I perceived to be very large breasts. The more they looked, the harder I got. As the fast dance ended and she moved into his arms I could see his huge bulge pressing tightly against her and saw her moving against it. While Cliff went to get the Coke, Sarah began talking to me and at the same time bent forward to adjust her slipper. Once out on the dance floor the conversation, started out like most do between strangers, "Hi my name is Bruce, how are you this evening? You like having a big hard dick in that tight pussy don't you Dana, or maybe you ain't you never felt a big dick. While chatting with some fellow campers I realize my cock is showing. I tried crossing my legs to conceal my rising excitement. When I got back to the table, my good friend Pam looked at me saying. Sarah kissed me and caressed my hair. But it wasn't meant to be, Jim thrust deep, held it and I felt it jerking inside me as he emptied his balls in my pussy. Sarah then put her arms around me and pulled me as she and Cliff rocked back onto the bed. Then I realized that when I sat down, my shorts had shifted and my balls and the head of my cock were just peeking out. Just as Cliff handed me my Coke, Sarah came walking into the living area. Once again the head of my cock was peeking out.

Sex in a motor home

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Sex in a motor home

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