I bent my head down and kissed her neck. I broke off as much as I could, making a decent trail for her to follow over the log. Her tongue slid into my waiting mouth and rubbed against mine. She'd used to smile all the time, but now smiles were such a rarity, to see her joy at the world, I would have given anything to be able to stop time and live in this one, perfect moment. Several times we just stopped to like out at the snow glazed world around us. All members of this work of fiction are over the age of I crawled into the tent and got my sleeping bag open.

Sex on a camping trip

Her C cup breasts sat firmly above her toned stomach, the mountain air leaving her nipples rock hard, pointing straight at me. The pain I'd been feeling was gone in an instant. We crawled off of the log and onto the shore and collapsed. When we got back, everyone was around the fire just chatting. Some of my cum had landed on Sara's black tank top, she just dabbed it up with her finger and licked it clean. I broke off as much as I could, making a decent trail for her to follow over the log. I got to where she had fallen when another loud crack came from the ice, eliciting a scream of terror from my mother. Before long we were saying out goodnights and heading to our tents, this was around 11pm. She turned her head and I felt the touch of her lips. I bent my head down and kissed her neck. The tents were up in no time at all so Jake and I decided to try our hands at some fishing. She was freezing to death and I was leering at her. She dropped down into the freezing water and almost pulled me with her. My boxers pressed down on my cock as I pulled them down, causing my dick to spring back when it came free. This revelation, as much as her tiny dark nipples that stood jutting out as hard as a rock, froze me in place a second time. Going down you have gravity helping you which, with seventy some odd pounds on your back, was not very helpful at all. She too was just waking up and looked down to me with a shy smile, "Wow Lewis, you make for a nice pillow, thanks. I pushed myself deep into her and cried out as I came. With every gasp, her pussy squeezed my cock, making me slide myself in and out, faster with each thrust. Down past Sara's long brunette hair, I could see into her plaid shirt, of which, the first two buttons were unbuttoned. Then I'll come back and get your pack and you can follow me across. Or away from your door in the morning when you were getting ready. I pulled her tight against me, trying to impart how much I truly loved her in one hug. I looked at them both, now I was the one with the confused look. I slid into the sleeping bag next to her and, when her icy flesh touched mine, I yelped. I heard when their minivan pulled up and said my goodbyes to my mom and dad and headed outside.

Sex on a camping trip

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Sex on a camping trip

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