Maybe it is my girlfriend because we've had some good times together Said the lead vocalist: This reached 1 in several other countries apart from the UK, including Australia, Ireland and Finland. Drummer Nathan Followill recalled to The Sun: There was nothing to do and everything was kind of boring so I'd just write songs and, in the process, I really expanded my mind. Lyrics A number of reviewers have queried what "sex is on fire" means, with many opting for burning venereal disease.

Sex on fire lyrics meaning

He's like, 'I have no idea. And the things that I'm seeing make it look like I'm a pervert and I'm attracted to my family. That same week, Only By the Night was also in the top 10 resulting in this song achieving the rare feat of appearing on two albums, by two artists, in the top 10 simultaneously. It was too much. That's where the title comes from. There was nothing to do and everything was kind of boring so I'd just write songs and, in the process, I really expanded my mind. Then one day I just sang 'this sex is on fire' and I laughed. After a while, I felt trapped. Turns out they've come up with a novel way. Their only previous entry on that tally had been " The Bucket ," which peaked at 23 in April After having surgery on his shoulder, Caleb was told he couldn't play guitar for eight weeks, but he ignored that advice and gave it a shot. But whenever I was taking them, I felt good. Since he could barely move his right arm, he had to play up on the neck of the guitar. In the UK, but was their first chart-topper; their previous highest position had been " Fans ," which peaked at 13 in Caleb had shoulder surgery in and wrote all of the album's lyrics while on painkillers. So how do the band members explain the explicit track to their children? Caleb told NME magazine that he came to dumping this song without completing it. It's also a reference to a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, and it has five syllables, like all of our album titles. I think my girlfriend hopes it's based on her. The first three Kings of Leon albums were wildly popular in the UK but only modestly successful in America even though the band is from Tennessee. Every night after recording we'd go to a bar together, hang out and talk about what we were going to do the next day, rather than all of us going to our separate homes. I would go over, listen, and say, 'Okay, cool, when did you write that? Speaking to Q magazine, Caleb Followill revealed how the track was initially meant to be a "funny" song: I guess I wrote it last night'. Caleb told MTV News:

Sex on fire lyrics meaning

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Sex on fire lyrics meaning

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