I have no intention of taking my dick out of your pussy any time soon. As he was gazing down she took the opportunity to take the second beer out of his hands. Several images further alone the real entertainment started. The next several images were pictures of Barb and Sue dancing with different guys. The cocks glistened from the coating of vaginal secretion where they had obviously been completely in their mated opens. He gasped momentarily as he discovered that she wasn't wearing any panties, but then remembered that this is his little sister that he's feeling and then smiled as his fingers started to rub against her moist lips and his lips sucked her hard, little nipple, making Ashley let out a few more little moans of pleasure. She took their cocks and cleaned them of cum, theirs and hers. Chad pushed Ashley slightly away and slid himself between her and the wall. That was all I could take, I blew my load onto the floor and continued to jerk off, never losing my erection.

Sex party wife and sister

They were both twisted sideways with a cock in their mouths. Chad noticed this and, not wanted to be outdone, grabbed her other check, giving his sister a gentler squeeze. Then she looked over at Chad with a lustful grin as she felt his slightly longer dick between her fingers. She bended over against it, lifting her dress up a bit too give the guys a good view of her firm, round ass and wet, shaven pussy. She started to switch around between the both of them, sucking on one cock as she stroked the other. While Chad took his cock deep inside her mouth and flooded that with his load, the warm spunk shooting down her throat and on her tongue. Ash replied with a loud moan. I was into seeing both my wife and her sister as cum sluts. Most of the people were wearing orange, partying and getting very drunk. They both could have been models with their bodies and appearance. Ash took his cock out of her mouth and looked over her shoulder, noticing there were around three or four people watching Ryan fucking her hard from behind, as she was pleasuring Chad's dick. She wrapped her fingers over both their dicks and slowly started to stroke them. Especially with my big brother and his best friend. They had been drinking lots of different kind of cocktails and she was already very tipsy. The next two images started the true sexual encounter. She has long, brown hair and a very fit body. Chad looked over to his best friend. Enjoying the life as a student and part of the cheerleading team. He couldn't believe how hot and wet it felt. Ryan and Chad also couldn't help but smile as they walked past the crowd, noticing the guys adjusting their cocks as they checked Ashley while she walked by, and they couldn't help but notice the rock hard nipples on Kimberley, a girl from one of their classes, as she stood between the four guys. Image two was one inside the bar, a dimly lit picture of a dozen roughneck cowboy types, obviously looking at the two women taking their picture. She started to moan and scream wildly around Chad's cock, and then tightened her lips hard around his shaft as she let her sudden orgasm overwhelm her. My anger was turning into curiosity as my level of arousal increased. Ashley sucked harder on their cocks, making loud slurping noises as she bobbed her head up and down on their raging dick. Chad removed his lips from her tit and smiled at her. Both the guys were moaning loud, together with the girl they were spit-roasting. Both women were being propped up from behind their heads with freshly injected semen oozing out of their cunts and asses.

Sex party wife and sister

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Sex party wife and sister

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