Their position on the back bench seat of the bus allowed their bodies to meet, as she continued to hug him close. Moving slowly he cupped her breast tentatively once or twice, before trying to move his hand inside through the buttons of her top. Actually I sent him forcibly so that we could talk. She held his hand for a few minutes, and then laid it back on her stomach. I replied trying to change the topic: It was all in fun, but the feel of her body hard against his prick, along with the flowery scent of her perfume, had changed the way he now looked at Mrs Turner. He had never even felt a breast before let alone one as large as hers. As Stacy snuggled down, her head slipped on to his chest and he allowed his hand to fall down near her breasts. Now we both are alone around here!

Sex with my mates mum

He kept his fingers working deep in her cunt, while moving his body against her thigh so she could feel his prick jutting up in his pants. I went through the same problem. We are both straight! He let his hand stray across her chest moving it slowly. I let him play with my boobs, he sucked them so beautifully, making me so horny, that the next thing I knew, I had his prick in my hand, and he was fingering me down there. He brought his hand up to find that she had not closed the buttons he had opened previously, and cupped her breasts through her bra. He will return soon. Let alone on a bus full of school kids including her son. I replied trying to change the topic: I meanwhile removed my trousers and shirt. I fucked it hard doggy style. Her panties pushed aside, two fingers were now inside her pussy, ramming in and out. I thought I would just give him a cuddle and a kiss on the way home on the bus, and that would be that. She went to the couch and lay down, showing her wet pussy to be licked. His mother grabbed his arm as he tried to scoot out the door. She still made men turn and stare he noted, as a couple of bus depot workers took time to study her form as they waked past. I looked at her curvy figure as she went away and murmured to myself: His roving hands found her nipples, they were standing out big and hard, he tweaked, pulled, and pinched them playfully. As the sun set, they herded a very tired and excited group back on the bus and set out for home. His heart was pumping, he was shivering with anticipation. Dave had gone too far to be interrupted; he placed one hand over her mouth, signalling her to be quiet. It was getting cool, they snuggled down together. She let him manipulate her fingers, as he held her hand rubbing his prick up and down faster and faster. Taking some heart from the fact that she had not slapped him or told him to stop, he tried again. Dave started to blush as the minister spoke on the Ten Commandments.

Sex with my mates mum

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Sex with my mates mum

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