Q Anybody outside the clerical culture, that is fellow priests and superiors. Q Was it the next day or the next week that he -- A Yes, immediate. A This could only be a guess on my part, but I would judge about Q And what happened there? A I can't put it that way.

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Q Should you not understand any question I ask, just let me know and I'll try to make it clear. This particular document from '62 I became aware of 20 years after it was published. A I cannot think of any during the 10 years I was primate because I didn't deal with things of this sort, and I would not have come in contact with it. Q And it's fair to say that as a then good Catholic [page 15 begins] boy, you were taught to trust priests? That would have been the first, and almost in succession there were two or three others at that point that I had to deal with so that I began to wonder. After this report was made by you and others and at the time this priest was removed in midterm, was any warning given by Father Vitus or his superiors to the public and the parishioners and the employees at the school that this guy had hurt kids? Some of the boys went on to the end of the year and some of them -- and I don't mean big numbers here -- some of them stayed and went on, left on their own years later. Mike Finnegan for the Does. It was only, I think, in '85 that I became convinced, that would be the best word, it was a more serious problem than I had first imaged. The code being about a document? This first one is a good example. There's no substantiation apart from a statement from an individual. A Witness nods head. Would you prefer that I refer to you as Archbishop or Your Excellency? A Nothing I remembered from '77 was -- I wouldn't have known it right away when I arrived. Did any officials of the -- what diocese was that? Q And to your knowledge, to this day did that priest's superiors or Father Vitus' superiors ever notify the community of faith that this priest, priest one, had abused many boys, up to 15 by your account? Archbishop, by my calculation, you have been a priest for over 56 years? I guess I need to know if you have a legal objection to the use of the name, John. Nor the evils of the worldwide Islamic Inquisition which — not in the 16th century but now, in the 21st, condemns Muslim apostates to barbaric execution. What is your current situation? A It's very difficult with the word never. A Already when I was in high school I knew that this happened rarely. Do you take any medication that affects memory or anything like that? A In mid year. So that was the first major time when I -- again, I saw this as an individual person, as I did Father Alcuin, not as a prevalent thing because there was so many wonderful priest teachers that were incredibly good to me and helpful in my [page 18 begins] life.

Sheboygan sex offenders by address

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Sheboygan sex offenders by address

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