Perhaps reading about my experiences with training may help to clear away some of that type of mystery that shrouds the subject and will help new subs find a measure of peace and self-confidence Beginning With the Macro View Tackling the topic of submissive training by necessity requires that I start with the same generalized information I mentioned previously that is typically all that can be found. With kneeling, posture is generally important to a submissive regardless of sex since typically they are taught to position the feet, ankles and knees in a particular fashion, keep the back straight or slightly arched, the chest out and the eyes downcast. Sometimes dominants provide other types of physical training like stretching techniques to increase flexibility, Yoga positions and even exercise to promote fitness, toning or weight loss when they deem it necessary and appropriate. Where can I find a slave girl for rough bondage sex? Her pleasure is in pleasing you. In other words, in the training process, all the instruction flows downhill from the dominant to the submissive and all learning is absorbed by the submissive. How can I find girl who is into female bondage? A dominant generally provides instruction to a submissive on the positions that he or she feel are important and that the dominant finds personally appealing.

Training asian female sex slaves

Her pleasure is in pleasing you. The possibility of being painfully punished always forces my slaves to consider her actions carefully or suffer the consequences. Binding he limbs completely strips her of any false perception of control and forces her to recognize my complete power over her. Yet it isn't the number of categories that is important but what a submissive should be expected that he or she will be taught, learn and experience within the different areas. To digress briefly, while some may disagree, it is my opinion that the whole of BDSM not developed from the writings of Marquis De Sade comes from practices observed in the Gorean subculture. Fear of the unknown. And the more dignity she can sacrifice for your pleasure the more pleasure she will feel. Getting your slave to think, or say anything that is self degrading will have her feel profound pleasure. I see the submissive training process as being composed of eight discrete areas or categories. Training a sex slave also involves punishment. Collar as many women as possible, and join the Masculine feminine dynamics revolution. The vacuum of specific information only added to my feelings of insecurity. Subsequent posts will examine another of the remaining seven categories of submissive training. Even a minor mistake must be dealt with in order to condition the slaves. Sincerely, Syed Jillal ps. A dominant generally provides instruction to a submissive on the positions that he or she feel are important and that the dominant finds personally appealing. Posture training - learning to walk, move and hold oneself in a feminine manner, frequently is something thought highly desirable for female subs and sissy males to master but less important for masculine male subs. Due to the volume of information to cover, even in the kind of overview I have in mind, sharing anything of much substance in a single post would be impossible. For the uninitiated, all things traditionally Gorean are derived from a series of books, science fiction novels written by John Norman which predominantly deal with sexual master-slave, power-exchange relationships on a mythical, counter-earth planet called Gor. The same is true of our individualized needs, wants, desires and even fears. Immediate and permanent correction. UNFPA convened a global meeting on prenatal sex selection with high-level participation from Asian countries and some Eastern European countries. Learning to hold a position for a substantial interval of times is useful for learning mental focus, improving physical condition and providing the dominant a useful means for "parking" a submissive whose services aren't needed at the moment and who aren't permitted to repose on furniture. All of the slaves behavior has consequences, and the Master is the one who establishes theses consequences. Perhaps not in the sense that the dominant is learning new skills or techniques, but he or she is learning about the new submissive, his or her own unique personality, capabilities and proclivities.

Training asian female sex slaves

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Training asian female sex slaves

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