This is evident in the final chapter of AIW, where Alice faces the Red Queen and confronts her for what she truly is, a playing card. Aye but you want the booze dont you? Honey, will you go buy me a bottle of whiskey? This witch was blinded by greed and her actions reflected this. Both Dorothy and the man stopped in an instant and remained quiet. He had a badly shaven beard and a dirty hair and he gazed at Dorothy with a mad light in his eyes that made her shiver and want to run.

Wizard of oz fantasy sex

Dorothy was walking towards the pub as she held her painful cheek. The fur of the dog was beautifully white much like the cold snow that surrounded her. This can be seen when she aids her three companions, the scarecrow, tin woodsman, and the cowardly lion, attain their deepest desire. Hey miss, arent you little too young to drink? There were long fields of green grass and beautiful flowers. I hope you die in hell! However, throughout her journey, she tries to cope with her situations and eventually makes order out of this chaotic state of mind. So, even if you do try to enjoy every part of life and hold on to your childlike innocence, you are still going to have problems in your life and somehow you will have to overcome them. And Dorothy did her part; she removed her clothes for short period of time, took the liquor and quickly got dressed before she was laughed out of the pub. She must be working with the witch! Master, its the witch! Suddenly however, she stopped. Honey, will you go buy me a bottle of whiskey? Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. However, suddenly there came a growl. This act alone signals an internal growth and maturation. Im so cold… she coughed. Dorothy slowly turned to face her mother who had gotten up to her feet. I am, one man said and threw a quarter over a desk. An another growl came. Honey, will you go buy me a bottle of whiskey? Reaching towards the light, Dorothy could feel the world beginning to spin as her life would never be the same again. Getting into the pub, she smelled the horrible stench of an alcohol that greeted her. Alley dogs… The two of them had entered their turf. Soon two dogs took bite of the mans hand and his chest and as he struggled, Dorothy was able to grab the puppy and make a run for it. I also liked the underlying message Lewis Carroll tried to convey to his audience. Slowly she moved her sight lower and gave a scream.

Wizard of oz fantasy sex

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Wizard of oz fantasy sex

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    Honey, will you go buy me a bottle of whiskey? She was close of getting frozen and she laid against a nearby wall as she attempted to catch her breath.


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